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Natural Remedies

8 Natural Remedies for PMS

Whether it’s the mood swings, cravings for unhealthy food or sore breasts, premenstrual syndrome can affect your life pretty significantly. Unfortunately however, regular PMS is not a good enough reason to take time off work or ditch responsibilities, and so, many women turn to pills and medications designed to reduce the effect of PMS. Do you even know what these ...

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9 Surprising Remedies that are Already in Your Home

For generations, families have been using natural ingredients and common things found in the home to treat a plethora of common medical problems. Providing you’re not suffering from something really serious, there are lots of neat tricks for making yourself feel better by using things that you’ll find at home – whether it’s something in your fridge, pantry or cupboards! ...

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8 Home Remedies To Whiten Teeth

Many people today want healthier looking white teeth, and will go to great lengths to get it. Teeth whitening kits can be bought over the counter in many stores but they are expensive and risky if not used properly. Professional treatments are safe but cost a lot and usually require multiple visits and treatments to get the desired results. Fortunately, ...

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Top 7 Aromatherapy Cures

Aromatherapy is a relaxing treatment that involves aromatic plant extracts and essential oils to make you feel relaxed and content. The therapy is also used to help promote healing in the body and it even offers some cosmetic results, too. Aromatherapy is known all over the world for its effectiveness and more relaxing alternatives to conventional treatments, and here are ...

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