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9 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Helps Clean Your House

Unwelcome Guests

There are quite a few natural products that have many uses around the home, and apple cider vinegar is up there amongst the best. So, what is it? Originally, apples are fermented to make cider, and then fermented a second time to create apple cider vinegar. Because it is a completely natural product, you won’t be dealing with any harsh chemicals so it is completely safe to use around children and pets, and you are reducing the number of these chemicals that your family is exposed to.

The reason that apple cider vinegar is such a useful cleaning product is because of its natural acidity, which also makes it an anti-bacterial agent.

Unwelcome Guests

If you have a cat or a dog then the chances are high that they will bring home fleas from time to time. In fact, even if you don’t have pets there is a chance that you may get fleas in your home because they can be carried in by someone who has been in close proximity with somewhere that does have them. There are lots of chemical preparations on the market that have been designed to deal with this problem but they are toxic – and the trouble with fleas is that once they get into your home they love the comfort of your carpets and furniture so you have more of a problem than just dealing with your pet’s itchy visitors.

Apple cider vinegar can help – it won’t kill the fleas but if you make an equal solution of vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use it around your home – and on your pet (rub it into their skin) the fleas will be repelled. Using the solution on your pet even when they are flea-free is a great way of making sure that your home is never infested again because the little blighters will leave your pet alone. It also helps if you put a little apple cider vinegar in your pet’s drinking water, although not all animals will drink it.

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