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9 Signs You Might Not Be Drinking Enough Water

Dry Mouth

You know that staying hydrated is important, but are you drinking enough water to stay hydrated? If you are not, there are several signs that will indicate this so that you can start drinking more water. Remember that when you notice these signs, you should reach for a glass of plain water and not another beverage, such as soda or juice. Dehydration can be a very serious condition, and even deadly in some circumstances, so it is critical that you are minding your water intake and getting enough each day.

1. You Have a Dry Mouth

This one probably goes without saying, but when your mouth is dry and sticky, it is time to start drinking some water. If you consume a sugary drink, this will wet your mouth, but it will not stop the underlying problem that is causing your dry mouth. Since dry mouth can lead to cavities and gum disease, it is important that you start to drink more water to lubricate the throat and mouth mucous membranes. This will help to ensure adequate saliva production and mouth moisture that lasts.

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