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9 Foods That Will Give You an Energy Boost in the Morning


Your breakfast literally breaks your overnight fast, giving you a boost of energy that’s meant to last you until lunch time. Given that the morning hours are usually the most productive, it’s important that you eat something healthy, filling and packed full of slow-releasing energy that will get you through whatever you have to do.

Instead of skipping breakfast and opting for a cup of coffee, take a look at these nine foods that give you an energy boost in the morning – many of which are really easy to make and don’t take long to eat. There’s no longer an excuse to skip breakfast and feel sluggish before lunch.


Oatmeal, or porridge, has long been the breakfast of choice for Europeans. For generations, even centuries, oatmeal has been considered one of the simplest, tastiest and most nutritional breakfasts around – but why exactly are they so great? It’s all down to the iron, fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Combined with potassium and folate, oatmeal is rich in nutrients and offers slow-releasing energy that means you’ll feel full for hours to come.

It’s really easy to make oatmeal. Simply take the oats of your choice and fill the bowl with milk or water, and microwave. You can also make oatmeal in a pan. A traditional Scottish twist is to add a dash of salt while cooking – but not too much!

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