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9 Benefits of Doing a Detox

energy boost
A detoxification is a way of eliminating toxins from your body, and getting rid of any remnants of unhealthy food and drink from your body. Better known as a ‘detox’, this process is particularly popular after period of indulgence, like the holiday seasons and birthdays.But what are these toxins? Well, they vary depending entirely on what you’ve eaten, but are generally compounds and waste products within your body that could cause you harm or hinder proper cell growth and health. Some examples of harmful toxins that you may consider getting rid of are lactic acid and ammonia.During a detox, you eat healthier foods and avoid unnecessary toxins, giving your liver, kidneys and blood the chance to ‘reset’ your body and get rid of anything it doesn’t need. Detox diets include fruits and other foods that contain more vitamins and nutrients than your usual diet might include, and includes drinking more water and fiber, to encourage bowel movements and waste production to cleanse your body from the inside.

There are so many benefits to detox diets you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought about participating in one before! Take a look at these nine benefits of doing a detox, and see if it’s something you’d be interested in taking part in.

1. Energy boost

Those who detox often report that they feel completely revitalized and full of energy after they have finished. The science here is sound – if you have cut out excess sugars and transfats, stopped drinking caffeine and replaced all of this with vegetables, fruits and nuts, your body will have experienced a rush of natural energy. The main benefit of lots of natural energy is that it is slow releasing, meaning that you feel fuller and more energetic for longer.

The more you rely on things like bananas for your boost of energy, the longer you’ll feel active and full of energy. Why not give it a go? There’s no harm in ditching the microwaveable pizzas and takeaway burgers!

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