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11 Signs That You Are in Labor

If you’re pregnant for the first time you might be a little anxious about when, exactly, you are going to start going into labor. Maybe you can’t wait to get it over with and resume your normal size and life, but you’re still a little apprehensive about the whole thing. Actually, it’s not all that easy to accurately predict when labor will start. Your body starts preparing for labor up to a month in advance, so even if there are some signs, the actual birth may be days and even weeks away. The big question “Is this finally it?” isn’t one that you can easily put a definite time to, but here are some signs that the big event is near.

1. You Are Able To Breathe More Easily

A few weeks before birth the baby changes position, descending into the pelvic region in preparation for exiting, head down and a little lower in the womb. This results in less pressure on the diaphragm, allowing for easier breathing. At the same time a feeling of ‘lightness’ can be experienced. You may also feel that you are able to walk more easily, not waddling as much as before. The downside of this is that the baby may now put more pressure on the bladder, resulting in more frequent trips to the loo, reminiscent of the first trimester.

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