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11 Reasons Your Stool is Green

It can be alarming to see green stools (or any other weird looking stools for that matter) floating in the toilet bowl. Green stools are, however, not all that uncommon, especially among children, and can have a number of causes, most of which are not serious. They most often occur as a result of something in the diet that changes the color of the stool and when that foodstuff in removed, or reduced, from the diet the stools revert to their normal brown color. If the stools remain green for an extended period of time, it would be advisable to seek the advice of your medical doctor or health professional.

1. Lack Of Normal Bacteria In The Intestine

This most often occurs in infants, but can also be the case in adults suffering from certain digestive ailments. When the balance of normal intestinal bacteria is incorrect it can cause green stools. Babies born via caesarean section, for instance, do not get the benefit of their mother’s digestive bacteria during the birth process. In addition to not being able to digest efficiently, this also results in their immune systems not receiving a normal kick start, which can aggravate the condition. Breast feeding is important to ensure that the baby will get some good bacteria via the mother’s milk.

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