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15 Low Calorie Snacks

When taking up a new diet sometimes the hardest part is avoid snacking. With so many options out there to enjoy throughout the day it can be challenging to avoid eating fatty processed junk food or binging on the calories if you haven’t had enough that day. This is where some great ideas for low calorie snacks come in. With low calorie snacks such as these you don’t need to feel guilty about eating as much as you would like and since many of these snacks also incorporate many other nutritional benefits, you are actually doing your body a favour.

These snacks don’t take too long to prepare and are great to be eaten any time of the day whether it be just after breakfast for a morning snack, an afternoon treat or even something in the evening to stop the stomach rumbling when you are settling down for bed. Many of these snacks also fit great into the kids lunch box meaning your children can stay healthy and still enjoy some of the finest snacks under 200 calories. Best of all these snacks range from savoury appetizers to sweet treats either as comfort food during the cold winter months or summer snacks to keep you cool and satisfied.

Guacamole & Celery Sticks

For a tasty snack without the added guilt of eating outside your standard meal times try mixing up some guacamole and enjoy it with some celery sticks. This meal has very few calories yet the guacamole not only brings the perfect flavour for that late afternoon snack, the celery sticks will also provide you with all those essential vitamins and minerals meaning you actually making a healthy decision with those snacks, boosting your metabolism as well as keeping you full until the next meal. If you find celery sticks to not be the most exciting food to snack on, try substituting with carrot sticks to change the flavour a little.

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