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11 Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

Some men worry that may have testicular cancer especially those who are active in sports and at one point suffered an unexpected blow on their testicles.

The testicles are part of the male reproductive system. The main functions of the testicles are to produce hormones such as the testosterone and cells such as the sperm, which is necessary to fertilize the female egg cell to begin reproduction.

The testicles are among the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of a man’s body, and it can be hurt in different ways. For example, a man riding a bicycle at a very fast speed and suddenly run into a big bump could be very painful to his testicles because they hang inside the scrotum, an external part of the male genitalia. The testicles are not protected by bones and muscles, and its location makes it prone to be accidentally injured during sports activities,

Health experts explained that the testicles could absorb most impacts without experiencing a permanent damage because it is made of a spongy material and it can recover quickly. Normal testicles feel smooth and soft inside the scrotum. It is normal for one testicle to be slightly smaller than the other. It is normal for one to be hanging slightly lower than the other.

If you feel a sudden enlargement, swelling, or tender spots in one or both of your testicles; you should see a doctor. Take note that testicular cancer is rare and treatable. The chance for a man to have testicular cancer is 1 in 263 and the risk of dying is 1 in 5,000.

The following are the common symptoms of testicular cancer:

1. Testicular lump

A lump in or on one or both of the testicles may develop in young children, teenage boys, and men. Some testicular lumps may be benign or non-cancerous, but may also be a sign of testicular cancer. According to the Cancer Research UK, less than four in every 100 testicular lumps are cancerous.

A testicular lump may also be caused by an epididymal cyst, which develops when fluid accumulates in the epididymis, a tube that carries sperm from the testicles to the vas deferens. Another cause may be an inguinal hernia, which happens when a fatty or intestinal tissues extends through the inguinal canal located at the base of the abdomen. You’ll feel pain when bending over, coughing, or exercising and a burning sensation if the lump in your testicle is caused by an inguinal hernia.

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