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11 Symptoms of Staph Infections

2. Boils

This is another common type of staph infection that usually appears on the armpits, buttocks, face, neck, and shoulders. These are lumps filled with pus around a follicle. When a boil starts to develop, you’ll feel a lump that is hard and painful and looks red. You’ll notice that the lump will become bigger, softer, swollen, and a pus is developing on top of it.

Take note that boils can be the size of a pea or a golf ball. The boil is ready to drain or the discharge the pus when you observe a white or yellow point in the middle of the lump. Some people treat boils with home remedies including heat application or topical compress made from natural ingredients including cabbage leaves, or turmeric paste, and others. Boils are painful, so it is better to seek medical attention immediately.

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