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11 Remedies for an Eye Stye

10. Cloves

Cloves have natural antioxidant, antiseptic, local anaesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties, making them a good remedy for eye styes. In addition, cloves have a warming and soothing effect that reduces the irritation and discomfort caused by a stye. Clove oil can be used as well as the whole cloves. To use the oil, warm a small quantity, then dip a cotton ball into the warm oil and hold on the eye for a few minutes. Wash off in warm water. Alternatively, soak five or six whole cloves in a cup of hot water for ten minutes. Strain the water and dip a cotton ball into it. Hold on the eye for a few minutes at a time. Whichever method you use, repeat three to four times a day until you have relief.

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