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15 Low Calorie Meals

Starting a new diet can be hard enough without having to come up with a new menu of meals to keep your calorie intake under your daily limit. With many meals out there claiming to be healthy and low fat only to find they make up for it in some other nasty way it can be near impossible figuring out what meals to replace your daily breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Even more confusing can be how you can get the whole family on board with your new diet since all the old favourites were packed with calories and so hard to give up.

A new menu for the family kitchen is the next best thing to keeping your diet in check and with a new list of low calorie yet delicious meals is the first step towards eating healthy and feeling great. These meals are not only all less than 350 calories per serve, they are also packed full of flavours, using ingredients, which bring nutritional benefits across the board but also taste incredible.

Never again will you take the option of heading through the drive thru for a greasy takeaway burger when you have these amazing meals to look forward to each and every day providing you with enough energy through healthy nutrients to avoid the afternoon binge and sabotaging all your good weight loss work.

Green Chilli Chicken Lasagne

Adding a bit of spice to your lasagne never needs to bring with it the guilt of overindulging. This green chilli chicken lasagne is lean, zesty and full of that delicious southwest flavour. With the standard lasagne noodles, some shredded chicken, a mix of herbs and spices to deliver that full on flavour and of course topped with reduced fat Mexican cheese. This dish is a favourite for the whole family and the neighbours with a single recipe cooking up 9 servings. This meal just proves you don’t need to skimp on the flavour to create a delicious low calorie dish.

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