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11 Symptoms of a Broken Toe

Although it can be incredibly pain and inconvenient, a broken toe doesn’t always mean you have go straight to the emergency room. In most cases a broken toe can be managed and dealt with by yourself requiring some at home remedies to relieve the pain and swelling and help aid the recovery process. A broken toe can be caused from a number of accidents such as dropping a heavy object on it, stubbing the toe to the point where the bone breaks or even falling on the toe and having it face the wrong direction.

If the broken toe displays symptoms to indicate the damage is severe such as an open fracture, bleeding, numb or tingling sensation or if the toe is dislocated or deformed, then it is best to seek medical attention to ensure the toe is repaired and can be healed correctly without causing any further complications. A broken toe can be diagnosed through medical examination which may also include an x-ray to determine exactly what condition the bone is in and how severe the breakage is.

If you have recently experienced an injury which caused damage to the toe and you are unsure whether it may be broken or not, review each of these symptoms to determine how to proceed and whether further medical attention is required. In the meantime avoid placing further strain on the injured toe by walking or placing weight on the affected area.


The most obvious symptom of a broken toe would be the constant pain associated with the injury. While the impact of the injury is felt directly after, a sign that the toe might be broken would be consistent and prolonged pain. Pain can be eased through a number of methods such as applying ice, taking medication or even natural remedies which may help reduce the overall swelling and inflammation. Try to avoid activities that may exacerbate pain such placing weight on the toe or walking further than you would have to.

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