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11 Natural Remedies for Chapped Lips

Chapped lips is a common yet painful and unsightly condition. Visible symptoms of chapped lips include redness, dryness, flaking, cracking and tenderness or soreness in the affected area.

While harsh weather is mostly commonly blamed for chapped lips, the condition can also occur because of other reasons. These can include an allergic reaction, vitamin deficiency, excessive licking of lips, smoking, and too much sun exposure. To seek relief from the discomfort associated with dry, chapped lips, here are some easy to follow natural remedies:

1. Honey

Honey has many healing and therapeutic properties for the body. Among these, it is also very beneficial for repairing skin damage. Its moisturizing properties help heal cracked skin when applied on its own. Or a paste made from mixing honey and glycerine can be prepared and applied to dry lips.

Alternately, prepare a homemade lip balm by mixing 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with an equal amount of olive oil and ¾ teaspoon honey. Stir well and apply as needed.

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