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8 Poisonous Foods We Commonly Eat


You eat foods every day that come from plants that contain poisons that are potentially deadly. In most cases, the mass production of these foods and the regulations surrounding them are enough to keep you safe. However, there are times when someone eats the wrong part and ends up severely ill or worse. To make sure that your food keeps you healthy and does not make you sick, you want to learn more about the poisonous foods that you eat regularly so that you get the nutrients you need while staying well.


Mushrooms are a popular food in diets throughout the world. There are several mushrooms that can be poisonous to people and you need to be able to identify them. Some signs that indicate that a mushroom is not safe to eat include white gills, the cap is not flat or it is bumpy and the cap and gills are unattached. When you are out in nature and picking mushrooms, you want to look for these signs. However, if you are not familiar with mushrooms, it is best to avoid eating wild mushrooms all together to ensure optimal safety.

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