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8 Natural Remedies for PMS

sleep more
Whether it’s the mood swings, cravings for unhealthy food or sore breasts, premenstrual syndrome can affect your life pretty significantly. Unfortunately however, regular PMS is not a good enough reason to take time off work or ditch responsibilities, and so, many women turn to pills and medications designed to reduce the effect of PMS. Do you even know what these medications are made from, though? Have you ever thought about the manmade chemicals in these pills and the effect that they may have on you, and your hormones, over a long period of time?

If you’d prefer to take some natural steps towards reducing the effects of PMS, you’ll no doubt be delighted to know there are countless ways to make yourself feel better and get on with long days at work, spending time with families or going to important events.

1. Sleep more

The first thing you need to remember is that sleep is essential. If you’re not getting a full night of sleep each night, this can ‘interrupt’ your regular cycles and cause hormonal problems. It’s important that you stay regular, and a good night’s sleep is the perfect way of ensuring that.

Not only that, but sleep obviously reduces fatigue, and makes you less irritable during PMS. It may not be a complete cure, but it will certainly make you feel a little better. So grab a cup of hot milk or cocoa

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