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8 Health Benefits of Coffee

If you are like one of the many people in the country who love to drink coffee, then there is reason to rejoice. Most people have heard the warnings about consuming too much caffeine but recent studies have shown that there are actually some very good health benefits to be enjoyed from drinking coffee in moderation. Here are eight reasons to add a cup of this delicious hot drink to your daily routine.

1. Coffee is high in healthful antioxidants and each cup is packed full of them.

The average cup of plain black coffee shows more antioxidant potential than the same amount of green tea and cocoa, which are two of the popular leaders in the antioxidant camp. Scientists have found around 1,000 separate antioxidants that are found in unprocessed coffee beans, and there are even hundreds of others that can be found in processed coffee drinks. For many people coffee is the the primary or only source of most antioxidants they consume each day.

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