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8 Essential Oils to Improve Your Health

Lavender herb and essential oil

2. Lavender

It smells great in the garden, and it can do wonders for the human body. This essential oil can help with most health conditions, owing not only to its antibacterial qualities, but its calming effect on your brain and central nervous system.

As an oil, lavender can be used to fight germs in and on the body, which is why you’ll find it in lots of household cleaning products as well as organic body lotions. Lavender can even help improve your digestion and stop headaches, in the same way that peppermint oil does.

For a great night’s sleep, dab a little lavender oil onto your pillow at night. You’ll slowly ingest the vapors and enjoy a calm night of sleep. Amazingly, the vapors can also help reduce high blood pressure, and when applied to the skin, it can stop the clogging of your pores and in turn reduce the effect of acne.

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