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8 Essential Oils to Improve Your Health


Essential oils, championed by aroma therapists and alternative medicine enthusiasts, are hydrophobic oils that contain compounds from plants. These oils are designed to condense the flavor or aroma of a plant into a concentrated liquid, ideal for cooking, painting or even for use in biodiesel.

These oils can be used for relaxation and improving your health at home, owing to the antibacterial properties of the plants used. Whether it’s for massage, aromatherapy or adding them to your bath water, using the essential oils of plants, twigs, bark or leaves can leave you feeling refreshed, pain-free and relaxed.

Here are eight of the best essential oils you should always have in your home, and which you should consider using on a regular basis to help improve your general health – whether you’re looking for help with healing, or a soothing hot bath.

1. Peppermint

Often used in candy and teas, peppermint is a strong-smelling plant that tastes great. Did you know that its abilities go much further than tasting good and making your breath smell fresh, though? In fact, peppermint in essential oil form can be used to help ease stomach pain, stop itching and even stop the feeling of nausea. The menthol ingredients help your body relax and stop these symptoms in their tracks.

So how can you make use of this? Simply take two drops of peppermint essential oil to a bowl of boiling water, and sit next to the bowl. Breathe in the steam and you can stop congestion and clear your airwaves, and relax the body. Rubbing the oil directly onto your skin can also go a long way in stopping muscle pain and cramps. Try rubbing it on your forehead, too, to reduce the pain of a headache. The combination of the tingling on the skin and the vapors you’ll breathe in will help stop the pain in its tracks.

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