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11 Health Benefits of Cupping

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine that can be traced back to ancient cultures like Chinese and Egyptian. The therapy works by placing cups made of glass, bamboo or earthenware on the skin to create suction. The suction thus created helps mobilize blood flow in the body and boosts the healing of a number of medical conditions.

Depending on the practitioner, cupping therapy may be administered on its own, or be combined with other alternative practices like acupuncture, massage therapy or essential oils therapy. Here are some of the benefits that cupping therapy can offer.

1. Effective diagnostic method

The benefits of cupping therapy start even before the procedure is actually administered for healing any sort of aliment. This is because it is a practical and impressive way to understand the problem. The procedure can be used to determine whether the problem is a muscle spasm, toxin build up or some other condition.

Likewise, cupping can also be indicative of the severity of the problem. This can be identified by the color of the blood drawn. Stagnation of the blood ranging from mild to severe can be established by the coloration or discoloration of the blood extracted.

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