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11 Symptoms of GERD

While it is not uncommon to suffer from heartburn following a meal, particularly if you decide to lay down or move about without allowing time for the stomach contents to digest, for some the condition is much more persistent and an indication they might be suffering from Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD). A digestive disorder affecting the lower esophagus, GERD can bring with it many symptoms affecting sufferers throughout the day, particularly following meals.

Most symptoms are associated with the acid reflux reaching the esophagus or even other areas of the body such as the top of the throat or even in the respiratory system causing further health issues and in some cases requiring further treatment. While most cases of GERD can be treated with simple diet and lifestyle changes, many of the symptoms can also be eased with the introduction of over the counter antacids to help balance the pH levels in the body and reduce the levels of stomach acid reaching sensitive areas in the body. If you experience any number of these symptoms frequently, seek advice from a medical professional to see if you too could be suffering from GERD.

Heartburn & Chest Pain

The first and foremost symptom of GERD is the burning sensation in the chest. The pain is caused when stomach acid reaches the esophagus and burns the sensitive tissue on the outside the stomach. Particularly severe following a meal, if you frequently experience pain in the chest and esophagus area you may be suffering from the disease. If you do experience this symptom, the best approach is to seek medical advice particularly if it becomes more frequent. Chest pain associated with GERD can be misdiagnosed as heart problems and can lead to further complications if left untreated.

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