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11 Natural Remedies for Ant Bites

In the case of ant bites, by the time you are being bitten it is already too late to prevent it with ant creeping onto your skin before you even notice. Ant bites can be incredibly painful and if your skin is sensitive they can cause discomfort for a number of days following. The bite of an ant is generally felt as a sharp initial pain followed by a burning and inflammation. The next few hours are crucial in how you will deal with the pain following the ant bite.

If left untreated the bite will become inflamed, itchy and if scratched, it can cause further infection and damage to the skin. In worse case scenarios this can cause scarring and permanent damage. If treated immediately with any of the following natural remedies, ant bites can be managed with the pain, swelling and inflammation being reduced altogether.

If you have recently being bitten by an ant or are treating someone who has, any of these remedies will go a long way in not only easing the pain but also preventing many of the other symptoms of discomfort, allowing you to treat the ant bite and prevent any further damage to the skin.


Vinegar is not only a great way to ease the swelling and itching caused by ant bites, it also has many antibacterial properties. Vinegar is able to cleanse broken skin of any bacteria on the surface which means it is the perfect remedy for those who aren’t able to control the itching and have already caused damage to the skin. Applying vinegar immediately following an ant bit can help prevent the itching all together and stop you from causing further damage and infection by scratching the wound. Vinegar may also be applied throughout the day if irritation continues to occur.

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