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11 Foods that Causes Heartburn

Heartburn affects 42% of the United State population at some point in their lives. Usually following a meal, the condition is identified by sharp pains in the central chest or upper central abandonment. The pain can feel as though it may be radiating across the body in the neck, throat or even angle of the jaw. Heartburn is nothing to be too concerned about, caused by stomach acid reaching the esophagus and burning the sensitive linings, the condition can be treated by just a few small changes in the diet.

There can be a number of causes to heartburn, most arising from the foods we put into our body. Foods high in acidity are some of the main culprits, with acidity throwing off the balance of the stomach acids and leading to an abundance of stomach acid and few places to go meaning it creeps through the esophageal sphincter and into other areas on the digestive system. Foods high in fat are also a well known culprit, with fats being significantly harder and slower to digest, the added pressure on the stomach causes the esophageal sphincter to open up allowing acid reflux to flow through.

If you are searching for relief of heartburn and want to know which foods in your diet might be causing the dreaded pains, have a look through this list and see what you can identify as well as the reason behind the trigger of heartburn. Removing or substituting these foods in your diet will have you feeling relief within a day, following your new meal plan.

Spicy Foods

If you enjoy a diet of everything from spicy curries, peppers, mexican food or anything with chilli, you might be setting yourself up for a bout of heartburn. Spicy food generally affects those who are more prone to heartburn rather than causing the condition outright. The best approach is to simply reduce the spiciness of your meals and substitute them with slightly milder version and see how that affects your heartburn. If you notice a significant difference and still long for a hot, spicy dish, feel free to slowly increase the spice level and see where your tolerance sits before heartburn takes hold.

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