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10 Health and Nutritional Benefits of Milk

Today there is considerable debate as to the health benefits of drinking milk, especially from the vegan community. Most of the problems relating to milk seem to have their origins in the fact that milk is highly processed these days; it’s pasteurized, homogenized, has the fat removed and is contaminated with antibiotics and growth hormones fed to the cows.

However, milk has been consumed, and recognized as healthy, by humans for millennia. In its natural form it’s a wonderful source of organic vitamins, minerals and protein. It can also be fermented and converted into butter, yogurt and cheeses, making it less susceptible to spoilage and providing additional health benefits.

Here are 10 nutritional and health benefits of drinking whole, natural milk:

1. Calcium

Milk is an excellent source of organic calcium. It’s not an old wives tale that a glass of milk a day grows good strong teeth and bones. Calcium, as with all minerals, is extremely hard for the body to absorb. Synthetic calcium, such as found in most non-organic supplements, has a maximum absorption of approximately 17%. On the other hand, organic calcium, such as found in milk, is readily absorbed into the blood and from there into the cells, where it can benefit the body. One 8oz glass of milk contains about 30% of the recommended daily intake of calcium.

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