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7 Triggers for Seizures

2. Alcohol or drug use

Alcohol consumed in small amounts does not cause seizures. But it has been studied that individuals who habitually consume substantial amounts of alcohol can elevate their possibility of seizures by suddenly decreasing or giving up consumption. Therefore, in cases where alcohol consumption is related to seizures, it is often in the state of alcohol withdrawal. This means the trigger for the seizure is not the drinking itself but the attempt to stay away from it.

The risk of having seizures will be heightened after having three or more alcoholic beverages. That is why individuals prone to suffering from seizures are advised to not drink alcohol.

Repeated alcohol withdrawal also has the potential to excite the brain and cause frequent episodes.

The same can be said of drug abuse. Recreational drugs can directly affect the brain and different drugs will have different reactions. For instance all forms of cocaine use have the potential to interfere with normal brain activity and cause a seizure. Abuse of amphetamines and other stimulants can cause sleep deprivation and confusion and trigger an episode, while the active ingredients in marijuana can provoke seizures. Narcotics such as heroin, opium, morphine and codeine have the potential of causing a severe lack of oxygen supply to the brain which in turn can bring on a seizure.

Drug induced seizures can happen just before or as someone is overdosing or when withdrawing from drugs. The seizure occurs when the body’s system has reached the point of toxicity or overload.

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