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10 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Papaya

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables is a critical aspect. Fruits, especially, are a great option for snacks, side dishes, smoothies, and desserts. In addition, some fruits are healthier than others, which is why the papaya is a widely-discussed option for individuals wanting to be healthy. Papayas are known for their large, circular shape, like a melon. Some papayas can grow to be almost two feet in length and the fruit they contain is widely considered to be the most flavorful. Listed below are 10 great facts about the papaya including nutritional facts and health benefits.

1. Vitamin C

There are a number of reasons to consume adequate vitamin C; for the potential it has on your immune system and for skin repair. Vitamin C is something your body needs to consume in order to help maintain healthy skin and for tissue repair. The papaya is loaded with vitamin C, with one serving providing over 200 percent of your daily requirements. The next closest food in regards to vitamin C per serving is the bell pepper family and the orange, both of which cannot even come close to the papaya. Consider serving up plentiful portions of this fruit during the summer months for a healthy treat.

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