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10 Nutritional Facts and Health Benefits of Eggs

One of the most basic and long-lasting ways to start the day is to have an egg with toast and some orange juice. This has long been considered the American breakfast because there are ample fats, protein, and carbs, which makes it a whole meal for those to start the day. Eggs are a simple food that is relatively inexpensive to create (they come from chickens). While the grocery store widely distributes eggs all over, some raise chickens for the purpose of having fresh eggs. Listed below are 10 health facts and nutritional information that you should explore so that you can start your day in a healthy way.

1. Cholesterol

There has been mixed emotions about the cholesterol content in eggs and the widely considered thought is that eggs are a major player in heart disease and stroke. When it comes to cholesterol, a single egg contains more than half of the daily requirements for cholesterol, which means having two every day could affect health. However, in recent years, it has been shown that the cholesterol in eggs is actually good cholesterol, meaning that omega-3 fatty acids are the primary source of cholesterol, suggesting that they are good for health. Consider having eggs for breakfast, lunch, or as a snack for your overall cholesterol health.

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