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10 Types of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that affects individuals differently. Depression, in some cases may be caused by different life events or may be brought on by chemical changes in the brain.

It is also important to note that there are different types of depression and symptoms can easily range from mild, yet disabling, to extremely severe. Some prominent types of depression include the following.

1. Major depressive disorder

Also known as clinical depression, this condition involves symptoms like low mood and a loss of interest in usual activities. It is a most severe form of depression where individuals exhibit a sense of hopelessness and despair along with other debilitating symptoms which may be felt on most days and last for at least two weeks.

Symptoms of major depressive disorder interfere with all aspects of an individual’s life including personal, professional and social relationships. Everyday tasks such as working, studying, sleeping, and eating become difficult overshadowed by feelings of worthlessness and guilt.

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