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10 Gout Treatments

Treatment for gout focuses on pain relief to better cope with a gout attack. There are a number of natural and medicinal options available that can also be enhanced by lifestyle changes to prevent future attacks.

Most mild to moderate gout symptoms can be managed by resting the joints. When a gout attack sets in, people with the condition would probably not want to move the joints much anyways. It can also help to raise the joint on a pillow where possible. Some treatment methods include the following.

1. Cold packs

In instances where the pain is not too severe, a cold compress may be used to lessen the associated pain and inflammation. It is recommended to ice the joint for about 20 to 30 minutes multiple times a day.

Placing the affected area in cold water also helps with reducing the swelling and pain of the condition. For a cold soak, immerse the affected area in water for 15 -20 minutes and repeat several times a day.

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