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20 Low Glycemic Foods


The Glycemic Index is a ranking of foods that contain carbohydrates. The foods are all ranked based on the effect that they have on the bloody glucose levels. So, a food that is low on the Glycemic Index will absorb slowly, and foods that are absorbed more quickly will be ranked higher.

A diet based on low glycemic foods is often argued to be the best way of losing weight and boosting the metabolism, as well as improving cardiovascular health. According to a study from Harvard, a diet based on low glycemic foods will have a calorie breakdown of 20 percent protein, 40 percent carbohydrates and 40 percent fat.

By consuming low glycemic foods, you can also keep your blood sugar levels down, which is something that diabetics often have to consider. Whether you’re looking to improve your health, or adjust your diet for the sake of improving your metabolism, take a look at these 20 low glycemic foods!

1. Oats

Diabetics have long known about oats. They’re a great way to keep your blood sugar levels at a stable level for a number of hours. On top of that, oats are full of fiber, which can improve your digestive system, and can help keep your blood pressure levels down.

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