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15 Healthy Snacks

Coconut Chips

You’re hungry between meals, your stomach is grumbling and you’re torn between eating and staying slim. You should be aware, though, that snacking doesn’t mean you have to gain weight. In fact, maintaining a balanced, healthy diet and ensuring that you exercise plenty is the best way to stay slim. There are lots of snack options out there that can fill you up, but keep you healthy at the same time.

Take a look at these 15 healthy, and easy-to-prepare snacks, and see how you can stay healthy and not be hungry all the time!

1. Coconut chips

Swap the high-fat potato chips for coconut chips and you’re onto a winner. These unique chips are flavorful and satisfying. They’re made from thin slices of coconut which have been roasted to a crunch. Be sure, however, to choose a brand that does little more than roast them. Some coconut chips are full of extra flavors and ingredients which are totally unnecessary, and take away from the healthy aspect.

Coconut contains lots of good fats which are necessary for cell membranes to form and for cell walls to be protected and strong. And, if you choose coconut chips prepared with coconut oil, then you can reduce your cholesterol and help improve your heart’s health.

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