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11 Treatments for an Ingrown Toenail

An ingrown toenail can be a painful and uncomfortable condition that can hinder your usual daily life. One difficult situation with an ingrown toenail is that it is highly susceptible to infection, which means that if not treated in a timely fashion and correctly, it can keep returning, and sometimes be more serious. While an ingrown toenail may be something that you can try and treat yourself, you should not treat an infected one yourself. With that said, consider finding some do it yourself treatments to help treat your ingrown toenail effectively in a timely fashion. Listed below are 11 treatments you can do for your ingrown toenail.

1. Try a Soak

Some of the best wellness techniques include soaking a body part in warm water and allowing the stress to melt away with each minute that passes. An ingrown toenail is simply a nail that has grown into the toe, rather than on the outer part of the toe, so a nice warm soak could feel great on the toe. Consider soaking the toe (or feet) in a bath soak filled with warm water and keep it submerged for 15 minutes. Do these two or three times every day until the toenail issue begins to resolve itself. If this does not work for you, talk with your doctor for more options.

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