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11 Treatments and Natural Remedies for Croup

During the fall and winter, from the months of October to March, brisk weather kicks in; the cold winds blow, the leaves of trees and plants show a display of color and eventually, snow begins to fall. These kinds of weather, unfortunately, also bring an array of viruses that cause a variety of illnesses, the most common of those being Croup. Croup is an infection of the trachea (wind pipe), larynx (vocal chords), and the bronchial tubes. Often caused by viruses, but may also be caused by bacteria, the wind pipe, vocal chords and the bronchi are swollen. Because the respiratory system of children is still undeveloped, they are more susceptible to the viruses and bacteria that cause croup. It is characterized by a cough that sounds a lot like a seal barking. When inhaling, it creates a high-pitched whistling sound that is harsh and raspy. The first days of croup are when it is most infectious. Croup is one of the leading causes of emergency room cases for children, but it is frequently not serious and can be treated at home. Here are 11 home remedies and treatments for croup that you can do if ever you or your child catches it.

1. Take a hot shower

When infected with croup, mucus builds up inside the nose and may even be found down to the bronchial tubes. The mucus is sticky and becomes very hard to dislodge from where it is clogged. When in the shower, let the hot water pour down until the shower is filled with steam. Check that the water is not scalding hot, just enough for steam to be produced. Let the child inhale the steam as it circulates around the shower area. The hot water produces humid vapour that thins down the mucus inside and clears the congested airways.

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