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11 Symptoms of Skin Cancer

There are many devastating diseases in the world and cancer is one of the most concerning. Not only is cancer the leading cause of death worldwide, but it also claims sizable disability and medical bills. In the U.S., skin cancer is the most concerning form of cancer and this is especially true with individuals who go outdoors and sit in the sun in order to get a tan. While skin cancer can be delayed, prevented, and even slowed through the regular use of sun block protective cream, there is still a large amount of people who do not even apply the sun block. The good thing is that if you notice some simple changes in your skin health and find out that you have skin cancer early in its onset, you have a better chance of beating the disease. Let’s take a look at the following 11 skin cancer forms so that you can self-monitor your skin health.

1. Large Number of Freckles

Fair skinned individuals usually are the first to notice when a freckle appears. However, regardless of how fair skinned a person may be, when there are large numbers of freckles, it could be a warning sign that they have been spending a lot of time outdoors in the sun without any protection. The skin is loaded with a large number of melanocytes, which create the darker appearance of skin when you are tanned. Similarly, melanocytes and freckles create these blemishes and it would be a good idea to have your skin looked at by your qualified dermatologist to ensure your skin health.

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