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11 Symptoms of a Concussions

A concussion is classified as a traumatic brain injury that may be brought on by a fall or some type of impact to the head. In some cases the injury may be the cause of a severe accident that could have seriously jarred or shook the brain inside the skull.

Not everyone who suffers from a concussion passes out. In fact, some individuals may demonstrate some obvious signs like forgetting events that preceded the injury or passing out but others may not. Even though there may be bruises or cuts on the head or face, no other visible signs of a brain injury may be apparent.

With complete rest, most individuals are likely to recover but recovery times can vary widely from a few hours to a few weeks. Symptoms of a concussion can also range widely from mild to severe and can last from a few hours to a few months. If any of the following eleven symptoms are noticed, it is important to seek medical assistance.

1. Thinking and remembering

Experiencing problems with thinking and remembering is perhaps the most obvious sign of a concussion. Individuals who have suffered a concussion will oftentimes demonstrate this symptoms more than others. For instance it may be a case of retrograde amnesia where events preceding the injury are forgotten or ante retrograde amnesia where memories formed after the incident are lost.

Individuals who suffer from a concussion may also exhibit signs of confusion and some disorientation. For some individuals, the case may be that they may not think clearly and be found asking the same question repetitively. Some people may have difficulty concentrating, or may not be able to retain new information. Likewise some people may also experience short term memory impairment or exhibit a slowed processing speed.

In cases where issues with thinking and remembering persist for a prolonged period of time, the condition is referred to as post-concussion syndrome and takes the patient longer to recover from their initial injury.

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