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11 Remedies for a Headache

Headaches, including migraines are a very common feature in people’s lives. The discomfort of a headache can stem from a variety of reasons and some individuals may need treatment more often than others. Some headaches may be caused by expanded blood vessels pressing on nerves while others can be traced to stress, tension and anxiety.

The discomfort of frequent headaches can make everyday living harsher than necessary, but most can be relieved with some true and tried home remedies. Here is a look at some of the most popular remedies for a headache.


Massage therapy is one of the oldest remedies known to be effective for a number of different conditions, including seeking relief from headaches. Where access to a therapist is not possible, a massage can be carried out with the individual’s own hands to incorporate the most effective soothing rub and pressure point application.

To ease headaches, start by placing the thumbs on the cheekbones close to the ears and use fingertips to gently apply pressure and rub the temples. Using a circular motion, slowly move the fingers up along the hairline until they meet in the centre of the forehead. Repeat as needed.

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