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11 Natural Ways to Stop Snoring

2. Raise the head of the bed

Elevating the head of the bed can help. Raising the head of the bed by about four inches can help ease breathing by pushing the tongue and jaw forward.

One way of doing this is by placing a foam wedge or rolled up towels under the mattress to raise the head. This method of elevating the entire head is better than using several pillows since pillows can crimp the neck which may in turn cause more snoring.

A better idea would be to use a firmer pillow since using a soft pillow is not able to support the head very well. Instead, what it can do is to increase the angle of the neck, forcing the tongue and jaw to fall backwards in the throat. This position will naturally block the airways and cause individuals to snore.

Another thing to do is to use sturdy blocks of wood or some thick books. It is important to make sure that wood blocks, lumbar or the books that are chosen are wide enough to cover the base of the bed foot which they will be supporting. Add on blocks or books until a height of four inches has been achieved.

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