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11 Natural Treatments for Swimmer’s Ear

The ear is a major appendage of the body and if it was not for the ears, we would not be able to hear the glorious sounds around us that we so often overlook. While the ear plays a vital part in everyday life, it is highly susceptible to infections and illnesses, depending on your lifestyle. Children are highly prone to ear infections whereas adults and children tend to get bacterial infections in the ear due to excessive water. This bacterial infection, known as swimmer’s ear, occurs as a result of excessive moisture in the ear canal and it can often be a painful infection. If you or someone you know swims often, then consider taking a look at the following 11 natural remedies you can try for swimmer’s ear.

11 Remedies for Swimmer’s Ear

1. Peroxide

One of the most common household products around is hydrogen peroxide and it has many great purposes. One of which is to help eliminate and kill the bacteria in the ear canal. This is considered a natural remedy because hydrogen peroxide is a natural ingredient; it just comes in a liquid form. In order to make it work for swimmer’s ear, consider placing about five drops directly into the ear that has the infection. The peroxide will start to work on the bacteria, but it will take some time so allow it to remain in the ear for about one minute. Drain the ear when your treatment is complete to allow the peroxide to exit the ear canal.

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