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11 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Moles

The skin is exposed to a number of elements and sometimes the cells can grow and cause a mole to grow. A mole is simply a growth in cell number from melanocytes, which tend to be considered a potential threat to health. Often times, a mole is merely just a cluster of melanocytes in one area on the skin. They can be many varying colors including dark brown, black, or even red depending on the person. Moles are highly common in adults and they can arise from virtually anywhere on the skin on the body. When they do pop up, it is best to get them checked by a healthcare provider. Once you deem the mole to be safe for removal, you should consider using natural remedies to get rid of them. Listed below are 11 great options for naturally getting rid of your moles.

11 Natural Remedies for Mole Removal

1. Strawberries

Strawberries taste great and have many vitamins and mineral loaded with each berry. In addition, they are loaded with flavonoids and beneficial compounds to help the body be at its best. These same flavonoids have been known to help eliminate moles from the skin and it is relatively easy to do. For a natural strawberry remedy, consider gathering fresh strawberries. Cut one in half and apply the cut portion directly to the mole. Depending where the mole is located on your body, you can try to bandage the area using a bandage or cloth so that the strawberry remains there for longer duration. You will want to continue with this process until the mole is no longer on the skin.

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