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11 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Love Handles

You probably know them all too well and have a not so good relationship with them, but the love handles that you have on your mid-section on your body simply just will not go away. Love handles are merely defined as the excess around the waist and while they do not mean you’re obese, they sure can cut back on all of those strong sessions in the gym. While it is quite natural to accumulate fat around the waist over the years, some people just do not want them around, period. Gym memberships tend to be expensive and there are a number of gimmicks on the market today that can tell you that their product will eliminate the love handles from thin air, but the truth is you will need to try a little harder than that to get rid of love handles. Listed below are 11 solutions to your love handle dilemma.

1. Stress Less

Ok, by now everyone tells you that you need to stop stressing about things, but the truth is, try and prevent stress from even getting to your life. One of the best ways to prevent stress is to be in control of situations and your life. While you cannot predict life events ahead, you certainly can set your life up so that you can be prepared for whatever happens. While some stress is actually healthy, you will want to try and eliminate all forms as best as possible. When your body is stressed, it releases hormones (mainly cortisol) through the body to prepare for the stressor. What it really does is releases sugar into the body, which will eventually add on the fat pounds over the years if you’re chronically stressed. Consider doing regular meditation, yoga, or deep breathing periodically throughout the day to relieve all forms of stress.

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