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11 Natural Remedies for Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that can be recurrent in warm, damp places. The fungus is known to grow on toenails, in between the toes, as well as between the fingers. The appearance of the infection is noticeable as scaly, white patches with redness in the infected area.

Being a contagious infection, athlete’s foot tends to frequent indoor swimming pools, locker rooms as well as public showers. When coming in contact with footwear and exercise equipment infected by the fungus, athlete’s foot can spread very easily. To counter its typical symptoms of burning, itching and stinging, some of the following natural remedies can help with improving the condition.

1. Organic tea tree oil soak

To teat athlete’s foot, prepare a foot bath or soak by using 40 drops of organic tea tree oil mixed with enough water. Soak feet in bath for about ten minutes and dry thoroughly. Once feet are dried, apply a few drops of the oil directly onto the infected area and massage gently.

Tea tree oil has healing properties that can not only destroy the fungus but also prevent it from spreading to other areas.

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