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11 Natural Remedies for a Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle occurs when you somehow twist or turn your ankle in a way that it shouldn’t. The sprain is not an actual break or fracture, and will take days or weeks to heal – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful. In fact, experiencing a sprained ankle can put you ‘out of business’ for days, forcing you to take time off work and rest until the pain has disappeared.

The reason you experience pain is because the bands of tissue that hold the bones in your ankle together – the ligaments – can be stretched, damaged and even snapped in some cases. A sprained ankle will typically involve these ligaments being stretched beyond what they normally experience, meaning you will experience pain as the body attempts to tighten them back up. You may also cause small tears in the ligaments, requiring you to keep your feet up and avoid placing your weight on these delicate tendons as they heal.

These ligaments are necessary for stabilizing your joints, and only allowing them to move as far as is healthy. When the ligaments are forced out of shape, your ankle joint may allow your foot to move more than it should – another reason why you should keep your feet up!

If you’ve recently sprained your ankle, you are going to have to rest regardless of how good your pain medication might be. There are, however, lots of natural remedies you can use to help ease that pain and speed up the recovery process. So, take a look at these 11 remedies and see how they can help!

1. Ice

The first and possibly most obvious natural remedy for a sprained and sore ankle is ice. Using ice to form a compress, by putting it inside a towel or cloth, will help reduce swelling and inflammation, and numb our nerves a little so the pain is significantly reduced.

Make sure you don’t press ice directly against the skin as this simply isn’t good for you. Wrap the cubes in your towel and apply it to the affected part of your ankle for between 15 and 20 minutes. Make sure you only repeat this every two or three hours, too – any more than that simply isn’t necessary and will make your tissue too cold.

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