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11 Foods that Prevent Weight Loss

Red Meat

Some people might consider it fortunate to be the kind of person who is naturally skinny, but it can in fact be quite tiring. Some people have a naturally high metabolism, meaning that their digestive system is a little more efficient and can reduce the amount of fat stored from the food.

In many cases, people like this have to make a considerable effort to ensure that they are eating enough food each day, and that they are eating foods that will prevent weight loss. So, if you’ve found yourself inadvertently losing weight recently, it’s time to start learning about the foods that can help you keep your weight. These are the top 11 foods that help prevent weight loss.

1. Red meat

Lean, red meat is one of the best foods you can consume to prevent weight loss. Lean red meat isn’t high in fat, but it does come with lots of iron and protein – which are essential for maintaining or gaining weight.

If you’re specifically trying to gain weight, then be sure to go for the cuts where the meat is marbled. These are fattier cuts of meat that contain more calories, making them ideal for gaining weight. Specifically, ribeye, t-bone and the New York strip are all great for this.

Be sure not to have red meat every day, though, as red meat is quite high in bad cholesterol, meaning it could be bad for your heart if you eat too much of it.

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