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11 Foods Low in Sodium

Sodium, or salt, is good for the body – but it’s important that you limit the amount you consume. If you have too much sodium in your diet, you’ll increase your chances of developing high blood pressure – and when you have high blood pressure, your chances of developing heart disease or other cardiovascular problems become much higher.

So how much do you need in a day? Well, for the average adult, you should aim for around 2.3g. This way you can enjoy the health benefits that come from it, without putting your heart at risk.

Swiss Cheese

If you’ve been told by your doctor to reduce the amount of salt you’re eating, you don’t have to worry about having a restrictive diet. In fact, there are lots of healthy foods that are low in sodium and high in other nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and these are 11 of the best. Take a look!

1. Swiss cheese

Swiss cheese is full of protein and calcium, and is extremely good for you. If you’re planning a low sodium diet, then Swiss cheese is a great addition. Whether you’re melting it on pizza or toast, or consuming it as it is, it’s delicious and really good for you.

Compared to other kinds of cheese, Swiss cheese is pretty amazing. For instance, a slice of American cheese may contain over 400mg of sodium, whereas an ounce portion of Swiss cheese will contain only 75mg of sodium. Cheddar cheese is pretty good, too, containing around 175mg of sodium in the same size portion.

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