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11 Causes of Fatigue

There are many possible causes of fatigue with the majority of diseases often resulting in general malaise or extreme tiredness. However, fatigue can also occur in otherwise healthy individuals as an expected response to physical and mental exertion.

While normal fatigue is to be expected after some physical or mental activity, the problem can become chronic if fatigues continues to persist without any apparent reason. Among its many causes, lifestyle factors and certain underlying medical conditions need mention. Here are some common causes of prolonged, chronic fatigue.

1. Sleep Disorders

Not getting enough sleep or even poor quality sleep can have an adverse effect on concentration and health. Conditions like insomnia, period limb movements, and restless leg syndrome can all take a toll on sleep quality, rendering the individual sleep deprived and exhausted when they wake up.

One sleep associated condition is sleep apnea where the throat narrows or closes during sleep and interrupts regular breathing. The difficulty in breathing results in the individuals waking up often at night and feeling exhausted the next day.

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