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10 Ways To Remove an Ingrown Hair

An ingrown hair occurs when instead of growing out of the skin, the hair starts to do the same in the opposite direction. Hair, while growing begins to curl up beneath the skin and a bump becomes visible on the skin’s surface.

Individuals who wax, shave or use tweezers to remove unwanted hair frequently are more likely to develop ingrown hairs, although everyone encounters a few in their life. It has also been observed that ingrown hairs are more common in individuals with coarse or curly hair. Occasionally, the bumps may get infected with pus and become painful to touch.

The most common symptoms of ingrown hairs include itchiness and a rash on the affected area. Where the condition is superficial, ingrown hairs may be attended to at home without resorting to professional treatment. The following are some ways to remove in grown hairs at home.

Warm Compress

Softening the skin and tissues around the ingrown hair can often help in making the hair more pliable and easier to maneuver. To apply a warm compress, place a warm or moist towel on the area and gently rub in a circular motion. Continue doing this for a few minutes until the surrounding skin warms up a little and the bump becomes soft.

A warm compress will also help steer the hair closer to the skin’s surface making it easier to remove it. Once the hair is close enough to the surface of the skin, gently pluck it out with a pair of point tipped tweezers. If plucking it is too painful, simply direct the end of the ingrown hair outward above the skin so it grows in that direction.

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