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10 Ways To Get Rid Of Razor Burn

A razor burn is a condition that develops on the skin after an area has been shaved. The sensation is experienced as a slight burn and can also be followed by a rash. The rash often becomes uncomfortable, itchy and swollen. The condition occurs when skin is displaced by the shaving action and the hair follicle is twisted and pulled by the scraping sweep of the razor.

Razor burn may be triggered by using a dull blade, shaving dry on unconditioned skin, using a hard soap or just having sensitive skin. The discomfort can often be minimized by cleaning the skin before shaving, moistening the area before shaving or replacing the blade regularly. Making sure that hair is shaved in the direction it grows can also reduce the irritation of razor burn.

However, slight razor burn may still be experienced even after taking these precautions, especially for individuals suffering from sensitive skin. Common symptoms of razor burn include redness, stinging and burns which can be soothed by following any of the following remedies.

Soften The Hair

When hair is softened, it may become easier to remove it easily and get rid of razor burn. One way of doing this to shave after taking a shower. The moisture from a hot shower or steam will naturally soften the hair follicles making it less inconvenient to shave them.

Likewise using a conditioner, gel or shaving cream of some sort can also help in minimizing the discomfort of razor burn. All these products are designed to soften the area before a razor is applied for shaving and will be helpful in reducing the symptoms of razor burn.

Yet another way to get the area ready for shaving is to exfoliate it. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and bring ingrown hairs that can potentially cause razor burns or razor bumps out of hiding.

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