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10 Triggers For a Migraine

A migraine is so much worse than a headache. They can be completely debilitating and make it impossible to even get through the day and achieve what you want to achieve. As well as medication and methods of relief, you can make your life easier by finding out what your triggers are, and avoiding them as best you can.

Avoiding having a migraine in the first place is far better than having a migraine and rushing to find a way of treating it. So, below you’ll find 10 of the most common migraine triggers, and I you don’t know what yours are, these should help you figure it out!

Fruits and Vegetables

1. Some fruits and vegetables

As weird as it might sound, a vegetable causing you health problems, some fruits and vegetables can actually trigger migraines. Citrus fruits seem to cause the most problems, along with bananas, dried fruits and raspberries. The reasons why these fruits and vegetables cause these problems are varied, but all you really need to know is that they can trigger migraines in people who suffer from them – so you may want to avoid them as best you can! As for vegetables, beans and onions are the worst culprits!

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