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10 Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

When an individual suffers from hypothyroidism, their body lacks sufficient thyroid hormones. Since the thyroid hormone primarily runs the body’s metabolism, these individuals have a slower than normal metabolism.

The condition is mostly caused by an ongoing inflammation of the thyroid gland where a large portion of thyroid cells become damaged and can no longer produce sufficient amounts of hormone. Hypothyroidism may also result when the thyroid gland undergoes some kind of medical treatment such as surgical removal and the remaining mass of thyroid producing cells are not enough to meet the body’s demands. In either case, people suffering from hypothyroidism will likely face some or all of the following symptoms.

1. Fatigue

Fatigue can be a very debilitating symptom of an underactive thyroid. In fact, thyroid disorders can have a very noticeable impact on a person’s energy levels and moods. For the most part, hypothyroidism tends to make people feel sluggish, tired and lethargic with no or very little energy to sustain them.

This happens because the body’s energy production needs specific amounts of thyroid hormone, and any drop in these quantities leads to lower energy levels, making the person feel weak and tired.

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