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10 Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Alteration in sweating

Because liquids help people to cool down by allowing the body to produce sweat, an individual can lose large amounts of body fluid in the form of sweat without noticing any effects. However there comes a point where the body will reserve the remaining fluid for vital functions and stop sweating. At this point the body’s core temperature shoots up and the cells start drying. When the body can no longer sweat any more, the skin becomes dry and without perspiration, the body has no way of cooling itself.

So while profuse sweating is characteristic of heat exhaustion, a lack of sweating spells the dangers of stepping into the heat stroke territory. If an individual does not pay attention to their milder heat related symptoms such as excessive thirst, nausea and lightheadedness, they may quickly turn into those of a heat stroke.

Among these the most noticeable may be going from excessive sweating to a complete lack of it. This is because when suffering from heat exhaustion, an individual will sweat profusely in an attempt to get rid of the excess heat but when in the condition of a heat stroke, sweating stops this is probably due to a failure in their body’s heat regulation system. A loss of ability to sweat is often a late and rather ominous sign.

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